Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naburo : The Next Generation of Naruto

I'm speechless... really... the art sucks so much, author's sucks at indonesian, though he's an indonesian...

First volume of naburo is 163 pages, and i can't do it all now since im busy IRL (and hey its 4.40AM GMT+7) so here's the 1st part

And the hero is Black_Raven he buy this shit and scan all of it... if its me... i never think about it...
we're from Kaskus's SubForum AMH present:

after do this much, "WTF am I translating???" and yes it's a MQ or maybe LQ


  1. Please, I know this must be a pain to you, but translate it and post as soon as possible, so everyone who is not indonesian can laugh with this memorable piece of batcrap.

    Also, you know that a second volume exists, right? I'm not forcing you, however... It would be amazing, somewhat :3

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  3. Oh no my eyes. Anyway thank you for sharing this shit. Now I must go to imouto after watch(not read) this shit...

  4. wakakak, asli deh ini komik satu...ngakak habis bacanya...ketauan banget niru gbr mangaka laen, masa halaman 1 n lainnya beda2 style getu?? gbr ortu-nya kayak style komik korea yg pas adegan jokenya.....jadi inget komik "Marina"? yg dulu pernah terbit di indo..itu nyemplak gbr dari komik laen juga, sampe2 gw hunting satu2 gbr per-pagenya diambil dari komik mana aja hahahah XD
    1 chapter aja udah cukup bikin muntah.....kayaknya ga perlu yg seterusnya deh wakakakak XD Totally an ultimate joke of 2009 wakakkaka XD

  5. the art are sucks? so, why bother translating it?

  6. Ahahahaha, what ashameless creator of it. Naburo, a copy version of Naruto.

  7. you really are a kind-hearted one. do your eyes got burned or you got dehydrate from vomiting when you translate this piece of crap? tsk tsk... get well soon if you catch an extreme fever after translating this shit... =p

  8. LOL seriously, even China can make a better knock off without even trying

    yg bener dah ni Indo... bukannya makin lama makin kreatif, makin lama makin... well I can't describe how ridiculous this action is with words...

  9. my eyes...my eyes!
    The first chapter burnt my eyes!

    Sakit mata gw liat beginian -_-"
    Artnya udah "crap" masih ubah2 -_-"

  10. thumbup karena udah berani berkorban buat nge-scan uhukuhukmangauhukuhuk ini (>.<)b

  11. komiknya bagus kok
    coba loe gambar
    pasti loe ga bisa juga
    jgn menghina tot
    loe sendiri mampu apa?
    kencing lum lurus aja banyak omong

  12. Plagiat elo bilang bagus!!!???

    There is something wrong with your own FUCKING MIND !!!!????

    eh, tuh komik gw hargain kalau gag bawa-bawa nama Naruto ya. Lagipula gambar bagus apanya, dia nyontek langsung dari komik naruto ama komik Mandarin.

    elo bilang itu bagus?

    GILE AJE !!!!

    1. setuju boss hanya orang yg super idiot yg bilang ni komik bagus... wat gw ini mah sampah!!

  13. indon dan plagiat.. tak dapat dipisahkan

  14. indon stupid NABURo