Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naburo vol.3 [RAW]

another shit's coming

here goes for nothing


and don't ever ask me to scanlate this shit again

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Epic Fail

Lol, yeah right... maybe this isn't a little longer, IT'S ALREADY A LONG TIME
but hey, honestly last time i opened this blog is when i posted my last comments on the other post...

so whats now??
some people said to me to continue this and some people said no more
and my decision is "i'll do it when i really2 have nothing to do and scanlating naburo's the last thing i can do"
and one more thing, i have the second book's RAW now... and the BIG BAD news is the third book will come out next week

i hope the creator(author and solomongrup) get sued soon or something like that

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a little longer

looks like i'm still busy this week, maybe just a little longer...

Friday, January 15, 2010

long time no see...

after my long absent from this blog and that naburo-shit-things (+ me IRL are so fucking busy) i'm back now

damn, i'm surprised to see the download counts of naburo is overflowing

after i do the part4 i just feel sick of it and think to drop that shit, but at last i want to finish it since the funniest part just ahead

there are people who ask me why i'm bothered to translate it, my answer is "i don't want to translate this shit, but people wants it so i do it"

i'll continue to translate it so be patient

oh... and, the second volume of naburo just released here, MAYBE i'll buy that and scanlate it for you all and then i'll make sure that i burn that shit to ashes

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


4th part of Naburo, first volume'll end at 7th part...

that's it for today, i'm all sleepy now...
and my internet are bitching me, it's fucking slow!!

NOTE: this part is fucking stupid, you can see the SFX is written with handwriting everywhere lol

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naburo = Win

Beholds nabutards!! the next part is coming!!

you'll confused over something in this part for sure...

Naburo again...

Here's the next part of naburo...

this is it for now, i'll do the rest later...

Naburo : The Next Generation of Naruto

I'm speechless... really... the art sucks so much, author's sucks at indonesian, though he's an indonesian...

First volume of naburo is 163 pages, and i can't do it all now since im busy IRL (and hey its 4.40AM GMT+7) so here's the 1st part

And the hero is Black_Raven he buy this shit and scan all of it... if its me... i never think about it...
we're from Kaskus's SubForum AMH present:

after do this much, "WTF am I translating???" and yes it's a MQ or maybe LQ

Friday, January 1, 2010

Taun Baruan 2010~

Me and friends taun baruan ny karaoke d BeOne jl.soekarno-hatta

trus si boss(mastermind) ngambilny ruangan VIP yg muat buat 30org
padahal cma ber 7

Sampe d BeOne jam stgh11~

Si boss ternyata mesen minumny bnyk bgt, jadi pada mabok deh

pas jam12 ny bgt lupa mw liat kembang api malah keasikan nyanyi semua

trus jam 2 udh mulai pada ngaco, kelakuan mulai aneh2 ad yg jatoh lah ada yg mecahin gelas dll
gw jga sih numpahin cocacola 1pitcher
plg2 jam 5 lgsg tdur, bgn2 jam 5 lagi
tapi sakit badan semua


sbnenerny d tambah 4org lagi d tgh, 2 cowo 2 cewe.. sayangny gara2 udh pada keasikan nyanyi + udh mulai nge fly jadi lupa ambil memorial
trus waitress ny ad yg pake seifuku