Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting more and more addicted...

as i said yesterday, so.. i'm getting more attached into T2

22/6, third play, Cihamplas Walk GAMEMASTER

FYI the truth is, fucking DJ HIEDA made me to come here even when i'm on dilemma about my wallet, fuck you

ok now here's the results~
for warming my fingers up, i always start with STARMIX..

and then POPMIX for the realdeal~

yaay XD

this time i'm going to perfect this song

oh good god, it's my first S on 3rd stage POPMIX's heart of witch yaaay~

and for the last...

so that's for the third day, though i'm still n00b >_>

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back~!

i completely forgot shits and trying to make a brand new page on my life, so here's on 2011 my first post

currently i'm getting hooked by this game, DJmax Technika2

and guess what, i've unconsciously spent my fucking time and lot of moneys into this

19/6, first play, Bandung Trade Center GAMEMASTER


btw, i'm really a n00b, so it can't be helped if i can't play good enough to your expectation ;___;

LET'S PLAY, well since it's my first time so i go with STARMIX first :p
(open images in new tab if you want to see larger images)

OH FUCK, i drop my phone on the second stage and barely pass the stage lol

20/6, second play, Cihamplas Walk GAMEMASTER

here we go, POPMIX

so damn clooooseee, i was aiming for a perfect score, but it can't be helped i'm still a n00b >_>

holy god this is the first time i'm play this song, and i'm getting addicted

and so that's for today, and this is what i'm busy for now

btw, this is me

please say hi to me if you see me playing DJMT2 somewhere ^^