Friday, January 15, 2010

long time no see...

after my long absent from this blog and that naburo-shit-things (+ me IRL are so fucking busy) i'm back now

damn, i'm surprised to see the download counts of naburo is overflowing

after i do the part4 i just feel sick of it and think to drop that shit, but at last i want to finish it since the funniest part just ahead

there are people who ask me why i'm bothered to translate it, my answer is "i don't want to translate this shit, but people wants it so i do it"

i'll continue to translate it so be patient

oh... and, the second volume of naburo just released here, MAYBE i'll buy that and scanlate it for you all and then i'll make sure that i burn that shit to ashes


  1. post all the scanlation, and all Indonesian illustrator and comic maker will be doomed, they will judge all Indonesian illustrator and comic maker as a thief.

  2. ok anon, maybe you'll think if world know about naburo they'll think if indonesian comic maker are suck

    but think the good part, on /a/ people became more interested with indonesia's cuisine, tradition, and other things beside this crap

    screw what people says, since i really know there is A LOT of people in indonesia who can make a better manga than this (if you see indonesian people on DA, you'll shitbrix, they're god)

    i'll finish the first volume but i don't think i WANT to buy the second volume

  3. Well, Anon, everywhere has filthy copycats, so does Indonesia. Let me give you an example:

    This shit is brazilian (Yep, I'm from Brazil). Just because someone makes a giant crap, it doesn't mean EVERYBODY in the country can't think by themselves. Brazil isn't the best example, I know, however we have some good stuff. Just pay attention and you'll see that almost everything good around the world has a brazilian involved, etc.

  4. well, brazilian ftw
    win the worldcup again plz ;)

  5. Yes, I think just continue this scanlation as far as you can. That rubbish 'plot' and your epic sarcasm TL makes my day (and other people too). :D

  6. well, i don't use sarcasm but that note just pop out from my mind, but thx

  7. Oh please, please do volume 2! I fucking love reading these. Don't worry, I don't think it defines Indonesia or anything. Keep it up!

  8. what the...???!!!!


    please stop....!!!
    i cant bear it anymore....

    im indonesian.....
    so please.....stop the scanlation.....

  9. Bikin scanlation ke 2 donk. Ini komik paling lucu yang pernah gw baca setelah kariage. Hwahaha

  10. srsly dude.. You. are. one hell of dude.. Just how many lives you have and lost in order to scan and translate that shit?

  11. i just lost my second live on the 3rd part

  12. sup flonne?
    i truly honestly hope you buy the next volume and continue what Black_Raven had started.
    and please don't die.

  13. I just want to enjoy your hard works. I'll wait for it. hahahahaha....

  14. we enjoyed the scan a lot!
    thx for your hardwork flonne :)

  15. Actually I'm willing to translate this shit if you're so busy :'D Just give me the raw scan and consider it done

    ps: we're very grateful of your hardwork. I showed it to friends and they lol'd really hard